Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bagalabath Recipe

I tried making the South Indian curd-rice or Bagalabath yesterday night. Quick and simple to make and tastes delicious. Being a North Indian, i didnt really know that curd-rice is typically eaten at the end of the meal. I actually ate it as a full meal with the gobhi-gajar-shalgam pickle. Awesome combo! Funny trivia is that since i only eat Basmati Rice, thats the only one i had at home so i made bagalabath with Basmati rice. My tamil friends were all laughing at this. Here is the recipe:

1. Make the rice in the microwave. Put some more water so that the rice are overcooked and can be mashed easily later.
2. In the mean time, take some ghee in a pan and heat. Add mutard seeds once the ghee is hot. Once the mustard seeds sputter add ginger, green chillies to the pan and mix. Now add curry leaves.
3. Take some seedless grapes and split them into halves. Add these to the pan mix. Also add a pinch of hing to this.
4. Once the rice are done, mash them and while mashing them add some milk to it. Once they are mashed, add curd . The amount of curd depends on the amount of sourness you like. So you can add more as you like.
5. Add the above rice-curd mix to the pan and garnish with very finely chopped coriander leaves.


DivSu said...

Did you say grapes? I didn't know they added grapes to that, that was news :) So did you like it? I am sure it was fantabulous :D

Shubhika Taneja said...

Hey Divya. Ya Tamilians add grapes. My Tamil friends gave me this recipe. It tastes delicious with grapes. You can try it too next time :-)

Anonymous said...

But the grapes shouldn't be ripe...